COVID UPDATE - What has changed and what do I need to know?

We are required under government guidelines to take the details for lead guest’s name and contact number for track and trace purposes on every visit. IF YOU DO NOT GIVE US YOUR DETAILS THEN YOU CANNOT USE OUR RESTAURANT.

We have the NHS Track and Trace QR code available to scan on your phone, or we need to take your details manually – There will be forms given to you to fill in.

Please sanitise your hands before entering the restaurant.

You will be shown to your clean and sanitised table when you arrive, and shown the menus (again these will be sanitised between each customer). As table service is now compulsory we will do the rest!

Once you have ordered all cutlery and condiments you require will be handed over to you – if you need anything else just ask us.

Drink and food will be served to your table – Please always limit your movement around the restaurant, please wear a mask when your are not sitting down and follow any signs for one-way systems. Tables can only have people from the same family/social bubble. We have tables that can seat 2/4 or 6 maximum but we cannot move tables around, if there is not a suitable table free you may have to wait.

Please note – We have suspended our carvery menu for the time being and so it will not be available until further notice

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MERE PARK Restaurant

Due To Latest Restrictions, We Cannot Open Our Restaurant Until Further Notice

We hope to be open again soon but until then stay safe, When we do though these are some of the changes and rules they will be in place

Things will be slightly different to how it was before, and with the safety of our customers and staff we now have a completely new layout and a new menu. Whilst the government has now relaxed the 2 metre rule we have your interests at the centre of everything we do and we will maintain the 2 metre rule where possible. We have reduced our capacity by 25% to enable us to safely space out all our tables to accommodate this and we have added in decorative dividers around the tables so no two tables are next to each other….don’t worry you’re not going to be surrounded in plastic panels-You’ll probably feel more like you’re in a rainforest!

We have added a fabulous new seating area outside which is fully covered and heated (we think you may be impressed) so no matter what the weather is doing you can eat outside anytime.

We have also changed the menu, – now offering a more wholesome choice and incorporating more fresh produce from our new food hall. This will also help us out in the kitchen to enable social distancing.

We are only allowing tables of up to 6 people only and must be from the same household/bubble

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    What to do when visiting us

    When you visit us we will need to take some details from at least one person in your party to comply with the NHS track and trace guidelines, so if there is ever an outbreak we will be able to contact everyone who has visited us, If you don’t want to give us your details that is fine but you won’t be allow to use the restaurant.

    We do have the NHS track and trace QR code available for scanning with your phone, or we need to take your details manually (only the lead person in a bubble needs to do this)

    There will be hand gel stations at the entrance to the restaurant so if you could make sure you use it as you enter.

    You will be shown to a table and then we will do the rest – full table service is compulsory at the moment

    There will be a separate entrance and exit so please make a note of the signs around you.

    We highly advise you call us and book a table 01952 813500

    Once tables are full there will be a wait until a suitable one becomes free.

    All tables/menus will be cleaned and sanitised between customers and cutlery and condiments will be brought out to you.

    Please be patient as we are all working under new conditions and with limited staff.


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