Big Hoot Island Delight

Big Hoot Island Delight

Island Delight supports Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity and the Big Hoot

The Big Hoot was one of the biggest ever displays of public art ever seen in Birmingham.

Big Hoot Island DelightThe owls were positioned in and around the city, on landmarks and in all sorts of places and gave children (and adults) the chance to go searching around for all the owls.

Many people came into the city just to see the 89 decorated owl sculptures but on October 15th all the owls were auctioned for charity and our very own founder Wade Lyn got involved and bought one.

Raised £508,038

The charity auction, which saw all owls sold, raised a huge £508,038 to support the Star Appeal at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, which is being raised to fund the UK’s first centre for children with rare diseases.

Island Delight is proud that the found of our company was able to make a contribution to this huge fund and the huge success of the owls means it is the kind of scheme that is being trialled in other cities around the UK.

Yellow – The Island Delight Owl

Wade Lyn’s owl is named Yellow and is described as simple and effective in the auction catalogue. Yellow called the Custard Factory home during his time in the city and was a great play on the history of the building, once home to the original Birds Custard Factory.

Designer of Yellow

Glenn Anderson, the designer of Yellow, chose his design to cleverly celebrate the history of the local area and its connection to that popular yellow dessert.

Glenn Anderson is a recognisable and leading figure in the Birmingham arts scene and Yellow is a great addition to his portfolio and now a member of the Island Delight family.


The Big Success of the Big Hoot

As mentioned the Big Hoot was a huge successful, both for the charity it supported but also for Birmingham’s tourist industry. It truly captured the imagination of the whole city was delivered in partnership with the Wild in Art Company.

Wild in Art produce public art displays, many of which are organised in partnership with charities and after the success of the Big Hoot, other events including the Herd of Sheffield, in partnership with The Children’s Hospital Charity and The Great Big Rhinos in Exeter, which will highlight the need for conservation of the animals in the wild.

At Island Delight we are pleased to have taken part in a big event in Birmingham’s public art history and more than this, are pleased to have made a contribution to the Star Appeal.

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