Our Roots

A Taste of the Caribbean in the UK

Island Delight patties were born thanks to its founder missing his favourite snack from home.

Wade Lyn, the founder of Cleone Foods and Island Delight inventor, moved to the UK from Jamaica and felt obliged to bring the authentic flavours of the Caribbean to his new home.

“Growing up in the Caribbean patties were a staple for all of the family. We would eat patties as a snack at lunch time or as a main meal in the evening. When I came over to the UK as a teenager I was surprised to find how difficult it was to buy a pattie, and a bag of chips just wasn’t the same. Later on I decided I wanted to help bring the vibrant Caribbean tastes and flavours I grew up with to the British market.”

- Wade Lyn CBE

Flying Off The Shelves!

The success of Island Delight can be seen in their sales.

Wade’s commitment to the traditional flavours of his home has never wavered. Island Delight is proud to account for 55% of the UK patty market and is continually evolving and working with new retailers.

Traditional Caribbean Recipe

Island Delight is dedicated to ensuring the traditional flavours of the Caribbean pattie remain.

Although Wade is Jamaican the Pattie is central to the cuisine of many Caribbean countries and the flavours need to remain just so.

First-hand Jamaican Knowledge

Wade’s commitment to tradition means he’s never more than a phone call away from the experts back in Jamaica, his mum and Aunt Dell.

Aunt Dell runs her own bakery back in Wade’s home town and this means he can get first-hand knowledge of the pattie flavours currently popular and offer them up to UK pattie fans too.

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