Luxury incentives for employees – Reward your team the right way!

Statistics prove over and over again that employee motivation is formed through incentives and rewards for your team. Employees work harder when they are happier, and making investments into incentives for employees is a great way to generate motivation in the workplace. Here at AWD, as one of the country’s leading experts in staff incentives, we can plan, advertise and host the perfect staff incentive scheme for your team. We go above and beyond the usual standards of a staff incentive trip and can organise events and breaks away all over the world for your employees.

Employee motivation and incentive schemes at AWD

If you want to encourage employee motivation in the workplace, then AWD can certainly help. With decades of experience under our belts, we can help you plan the perfect trip for your employees – and at the most competitive prices too. With an extensive list of local and international travel agents and facilitators all over the world we can put together a trip that is highly flexible and perfectly tailored to your team and your requirements. The list of rewards, events and trips that we can provide for your team is endless, but we will make sure we accommodate everything around your budget and any specific preferences you may have. Whether it’s a three-course dinner at The Shard in London, or a skiing trip to France, we can plan a trip that is going to be exciting, memorable and make your staff happy.

Visiting the Champagne region of France

One of our most exciting staff reward trips we can host is the very popular visit to the Champagne region of France. This trip is incredibly rewarding and can be made as a bespoke package for your team. Whether you want to fly there, hop on-board the Eurostar or drive there, we’ll be able to create the perfect trip away that meets all of your requirements. AWD proudly work with Ruinart, which is the oldest champagne house in the WorldEpernay. Your staff can have the luxury of dining privately there, followed by a tour of the cellars, and a champagne tasting session – the entire experience is highly enjoyable for all, and we ensure that everyone is well looked after.

Corporate Rewards

We also have BMW driving experiences, spa trips and adventure days out – the variety of corporate rewards and schemes we can provide for your team means we’ll be able to put something together that everyone can enjoy. We can also provide a fun run-up to the big trip, sending out ‘teasers’ and other motivational treats that remind your team of what is coming up and keep the employee motivation in the office at a high.

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