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We are a specialist precision engineering business providing mission critical machined and fabricated components, sub-assemblies, tooling and prototypes.

Precision engineering services for the most technically demanding industries with advanced machining capabilities.

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Accura exists to meet the specialist needs of the most advanced engineering industries in the world.

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Over 92 Employees

2 Operational Sites Of 56000sq.ft

Investing in modern technology

Over 30 years of experience


5 star service

Team of highly trained experts


Full prototype and batch production capability
Quality assured – AS9100 Rev D approval / NADCAP (spark & wire erosion)
Full traceability assured – from material procurement to final treatments
Complex operation routings / material and treatments included
Supplied against schedules (via KANBAN) as complete kits of parts
More than 50 years’ supplying specialist machining services to aerospace
Delivering more than 60,000 components each month, you can count on our quality

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Everyone from our sales team to floor staff are full qualified engineers.

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